Thomas Stone

General William Smallwood Memorial Service

The Thomas Stone Chapter MSSAR is extending an invitation to all Maryland chapters of the NSSAR to participate in a memorial service for General William Smallwood at his home located in Smallwood State Park on the 28th of May 2016 at 10:30 A.M.

The memorial service will be conducted overlooking the burial site. It will be the first commemoration in several years for General Smallwood, with the hope that this will become an annual event.

Thomas Stone Chapter Color Guard Presents a Washington Portrait

The Thomas Stone Chapter Color Guard is pictured here presenting one of the Mt. Vernon George Washington portraits to Hollywood Elementary School, in Hollywood, MD. Thomas Stone Chapter President David Langford is standing next to the principal, Jennifer Gilman. Other color guard members (left to right) include Ron Gibson, Neal Johnson and Ernie Irish. Next to Ernie is Daivid's father, Hal Langford, who is a WW2 veteran and is patriotic. He donated the funds to purchase the portrait from Mt.

Thomas Stone Chapter Color-Guard Presents a Washington Portrait

The Thomas Stone Chapter Color-Guard presented the portrait at an assembly of the students at St. John's School in Hollywood, MD. The kids asked many questions of us about the founding fathers and the Revolutionary War. Mt. Vernon also sends the school, in addition to the portrait, a DVD with teaching plans about George Washington.

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