Repudiation of the Stamp Act

250th Anniversary of the repudiation of the British Stamp Act

On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the repudiation of the British Stamp Act in Frederick County, the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter received "airtime" on the City of Frederick's Cable Channel 99 in this video, narrated by John Fieseler, Executive Director of the Tourism Council of Frederick County. See the following YouTube link:  

Parade, Protest, and Patriots To Mark 250th Anniversary of Repudiation Act

A victory parade will be conducted in downtown Frederick on Saturday, November 21st to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the repudiation of the British Stamp Act by “Twelve Immortal Justices” of the Frederick County Court.  Wearing 18th century dress, the marchers, consistent with custom of the time, will stage a mock funeral, carrying a coffin bearing a sign – “The Stamp Act, expired of a mortal stab received from the Genius of Liberty in Frederick County Court”.

US Senator Ben Cardin Enters Tribute To Twelve Immortal Justices in Congressional Record

You will be pleased to know that US Senator Ben Cardin has entered a tribute to The Twelve Immortal Justices in The Congressional Record on October 1, 2015.  The statement begins at the bottom of page S7096 on the attached file.  

The Senator's Legislative Aide will bring a formal presentation copy to present as part of the commemorative events on November 21. 

Historical Annapolis To Mark Repudiation of British Stamp Act

The article - "A Return To 1765 During Sons Of Liberty Week" - in today's Frederick News Post heralds the 250th anniversary activities marking the Repudiation of the British Stamp Act in historic Annapolis.


Sarah Hainesworth offers a fine historical overview of the act of defiance by Maryland Gazette printer Jonas Green.

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