MD 400 Research Project Update

Yesterday I met with Owen Lourie of the Maryland Archives and Adam Goodheart, Patrick Nugent and Jean Wortman of Washington College to discuss next steps to complete the MD 400 Research Project.  The Archives has started the process to advertise for the researcher/intern funded by the MDSSAR.  Additional research efforts funded by the Archives may be applied to the project.


We expect the hires associated with the project to coincide with availability of students at the end of the spring semester.  We agreed that the research would end in a publication that we expect to be the "definitive work" on the Maryland 400.  Washington College and the Archives will reach out to Johns Hopkins Press to explore a partnership on the publication of the work.  It was also agreed that the book would be much more than than just a compilation of research material.  It would provide context to the stories of the Marylanders.  


Deputy Director of Washington College's Starr Center, Pat Nugent, grew up in Brooklyn near where the Marylanders are thought to be buried.  He suggested a possible parallel research project by the college to provide the context to be merged with the Archives research for the publication.  


If you are not familiar with Washington College's Starr Center, here is their link  Please note their focus is on our nation's founding era and each year they award the Washington Prize There could be no better partner for the publication of the final work. 


We also discussed outreach at the international, national, state and local levels to not only to tell the story of this research project, but to uncover more information and develop more partnerships.  A great example would be to encourage the review of material associated with the MD 400 held locally and privately in Maryland to augment material held by the Archives.  I recently heard of a local effort in Kent County to identify the descendants of the MD 400 still living in the area.  Obviously, such an effort could result in potential members for MDSSAR, especially if replicated across the state.  Additionally, outreach beyond Maryland could result in greater donations to the MD 400 Patriots' Fund by descendants living in other states.  President General Tomme, for example, has stated that he descends from a Maryland Patriot.  


This weekend at the George Washington luncheon, Owen Lourie, will provide great insight into the impact of the MDSSAR funded research.  Here is but one example of the work that has been done to tell the story of these Patriots.


It should be noted that Kim Maier, executive director of the Old Stone House, and Marty Maher, Brooklyn's Park Commissioner, will be attending the luncheon and will be inducted into the Honorary Regiment.  Both have been very supportive of the MDSSAR during our visits to Brooklyn and both have a keen appreciation for the service and sacrifice of the Maryland 400.