DCSAR Fourth of July Festivities

Please join D.C. Sons of the American Revolution, D.C. C.A.R.s, and members of other lineage and patriotic societies on the morning of the Fourth of July for our traditional Independence Day kickoff at Congressional Cemetery.

The C.A.R.s lead the way at 9:30, laying a wreath at the grave of Revolutionary War drummer boy John Hunter. Then at 10:00 AM we'll move the short distance to the grave of Elbridge Gerry, where we will honor the memory of all Signers of the Declaration of Independence. As you are probably well-aware, Gerry is the only Signer buried in Washington, D.C.

All lineage and patriotic societies are invited to participate at the Gerry grave.There will be a DC SAR wreath, and SAR will provide cut flowers for all other participating groups to present. We only ask that if you plan to represent a group, you let us know by Noon on July 3d, so that we may include you in the program and have an ample supply of fresh flowers on hand. 

You may respond by reply to this email. If presenting organizational colors, please include the name and title of your flag bearer. For this occasion, the most convenient access to the cemetery is the gate at the east end of the 1800 block of E Street, SE, next to the Gerry grave.

Our ceremonies should conclude by 10:45.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Paul Hays, the SAR Officer-in-Charge.



Richard E. Patten

Event Date: 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 - 09:30