Sergeant Lawrence Everhart SAR Chapter Honors Vietnam Veterans

Sergeant Lawrence Everhart SAR Chapter Represented at Vietnam Veterans' Day Proclamation Ceremonies


Compatriots of the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter participated in ceremonies at Frederick City Hall at which Frederick Mayor Randy McClement and the City of Frederick Aldermen proclaimed March 30, 2016 as "Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans' Day".  Participating in the ceremonies were SAR Chapter President Donald Deering, Vice President Pat Barron, Immediate Past President George Lewis, and Compatriots Ron Harbaugh and Larry Bishop.


March 30, 2016 marks the 43rd anniversary of the American withdrawal from Vietnam, where more than 58,000 individuals made the ultimate sacrifice and more than 300,000 were wounded in combat.  The Proclamation read in part:  "It is time for all Americans to reflect on our past and take a moment in tribute to remember all the brave men and women of the Vietnam conflict and to finally give them the dignified and honorable Welcome Home they never received."


       Dick Foot