NSSAR 250th Anniversary Logo Contest

Compatriots, the 250th Anniversary Committee is having a logo contest with aprize of $250 to the Compatriot who comes up with the winning logo.

The logo is planned to be used for the next dozen or more years to celebrate the 250th Anniversary of America's founding.  It will be used with articles in the SAR Magazine, with printed matter and maybe with merchandising.

You must be an SAR member to enter.  Entries shall be submitted and received by Clifford Olsen, cliffordolsen@embarqmail.com  by December 31, 2015. An email will be sent acknowledging the receipt. Please send as a pdf without identifying marks on the page.

The logos will be numbered and distributed to the 250th Anniversary committee members for selection.  The winner will be announced at Spring Leadership 2016.

Please participate and see what we can come up with.  Do you still remember the Bicentennial Logo?

- Clifford C. Olsen, II, Chairman