Volunteers Needed to Enter/Review Data in SAR PRS

I'm looking for volunteers to do data entry of approved MDSSAR applications as well as review and approval for the data entered.  My goal is at least one volunteer per chapter.  So far, four chapters have volunteers.
As I've mentioned at the January and the Annual Meetings, the National SAR committee on Patriot Records is looking for volunteers in each state to work on data entry of SAR applications in their home society state for the SAR Patriot Research System (PRS).
If you haven't already tried the PRS (https://sarpatriots.sar.org), I encourage you to do so.  In it you can: search for a patriot and see information on the patriot, compatriots with applications on that patriot, and details of the ancestry of those members back to the patriot (with the most recent generations redacted from public view); search on a member and see known applications of that compatriot; search a patriot to see their grave and biography information; even search for information on cemeteries where patriots are buried.  The PRS is seen as the precursor for the SAR Genealogical Research System (GRS), which will provide at least as much capability as the SAR PRS and the DAR's GRS.
Whether GRS or PRS, data is needed to provide content, and that is where you come in.  I am looking for motivated Compatriots who feel comfortable with a computer and with entering data into on-line forms.  This may be a perfect opportunities for Compatriots who have not been able to attend chapter events and want to still contribute their efforts to SAR.  Volunteers will be provided with a user name and password as well as instructions on what they need to do for data entry, and/or data review (review provides the quality check to catch any issues missed in data entry).  Images of all applications to be entered are available through the PRS.  Typically, it takes about a half hour to correctly enter information into the PRS for one application.
Time is recorded by the PRS, based on a formula.  Completion of 40 hours of service entering and/or reviewing the applications will result in the Volunteer earning the SAR Lafayette Medal for Volunteer Service.
I'm enclosing a table of the current status of the project for Maryland, so you can see the scope for each of our chapters.
Please contact me as soon as possible.  If there are Compatriots you think could help on this project, please have them contact me as well.  I'll be sending out status of the project as time goes on.
Pro Patria Nostra,
Jim Engler
Coordinator, Maryland SAR Data Entry in PRS
PRS Volunteer Information can be downloaded here (Member Login Required)
Chapter Total Applications Number Entered
Sgt Lawrence Everhart 203 0
Gen William Smallwood 190 0
Christian Ardinger 45 2
Col John Eager Howard 181 1
Col Nicholas R Moore 129 0
John Paul Jones 174 0
Col Henry Hollingsworth 33 0
Col Tench Tilghman 69 0
Col Aquila Hall 200 0
Charles Carroll Of Carrollton 57 1
John Hanson 34 0
Capt John Smoot 48 0
Westminster 94 4
Thomas Stone 87 0
Little Meadows 36 0
Maryland Society SAR - AT LARGE 115 0