I am pleased to announce that the Col Nicholas Ruxton Moore chapter contestant, Cadet Michael A Dannenfelser of the Dundalk High School Navy JROTC  is this year's winner of the competition at the state level and his essay has been forwarded to National for judging at the National Level. He will join a field of some 30 state winners for the National level competition. The winner of this level competition will be invited to the NSSAR Congress in July for presentation of the award. He and a chaperon will receive travel expenses and a gold medallion with gold star, certificate and $2000 monetary award. 

Cadet Dannenfelser will be awarded the JROTC MDSSAR Silver  Medallion with certificate and a gold  framed ribbon bar with silver star and  receive a check for $250 at a ceremony yet to be established. This is being coordinated with the NRM chapter, availability of the cadet with a possible presentation at the June BOM.  This is the most intensive JROTC award given to any cadet. It not only involves the writing of a 700 word essay which counts as 30% of the scoring in the competition, but the cadet's involvement in non JROTC, community and other school activities 30%; leadership positions within the JROTC unit for 20% and principal's recommendation including GPA and class standing and the recommendation from the Senior Military instructor, 20%.  

Again, Congratulations to Cadet Michael Dannenfelser for achieving this high mark within the MDSSAR. Thanks for the hard work of the other cadets, senior military instructors and chapters who participated in this year’s competition. Onward to next year!! 

George Satterthwaite
Chairman JROTC/ROTC/OC Committee