Welcome to the Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution!

Greetings Compatriots,


It is indeed my privilege and honor to serve as our State Society’s 2017-2018 President.

The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) is dedicated to assisting members, schools, teachers and the public in their efforts to sustain and preserve our history and constitutional principles. 

On December 23, 1783, in the Maryland State House in Annapolis, George Washington resigned his commission as Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Army.  On April 20, 1889, in the very same Senate Chamber, the Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution was organized, following in the footsteps of history.

The Deering administration will honor our rich history and support our society’s goals, but will also look to the future. This includes our collective dedication to weighing in on new matters and addressing long-term projects that span past, present and future administrations.  Organizations of any nature, must innovate and continuously evolve if they are to be vibrant and remain long-lasting. 

As we move forward, let’s all consider how we, as SAR members, can step outside of our local chapters to make others more aware of who we are as a society by developing and growing meaningful partnerships.  I look forward to working with you towards that goal.


In Service,

Donald A. Deering
MDSSAR President 2017 - 2018