Welcome to the Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution!

As the premier male lineage society in the United States, each Son of the American Revolution can document themselves directly to one/or more Patriot Ancestor/s who supported the cause of American Independence between 1775 and 1783.  Our membership (we call each other Compatriots) is made up from the ancestors of Revolutionary Patriots hailing from a melting pot of colors, races, and sexes that we still see in the fabric of today's American society.  We work to connect to those real people who made extremely difficult choices that truly effected their personal and family’s life, liberty, prosperity, and freedom and those choices still affect us every day.

            We not only invite you to explore our organization, largely from this website, we want you to join our organization.  Come join with us at any of our meetings.  I believe you will like what you see and experience.  We simply celebrate our American Revolutionary history.  I invite you to explore our opportunities for membership and the various programs we sponsor.  Among our many offerings, you will find opportunities for students from elementary school through college, as well as Eagle Scouts.  We recognize the remarkable and selfless efforts of our local law enforcement, fire, and EMS personnel.  We feel a sense of purpose and duty in recognizing outstanding citizenship wherever we find it.  The "Finding the Maryland 400" project is an ongoing partnership with the Maryland State Archives to research and document the lives of the Maryland men who fought heroically at the Battle of Brooklyn in 1776.

            I am proud to humbly serve as the Maryland State Society's President.  During my tenure and with the help of all our Compatriots, I hope to strengthen connections with our communities and the people in them.  We have a place in the fabric of our local communities and we have a positive message to share.  I also hope to help our younger citizens reconnect with their heritage.  To help them see their Revolutionary ancestors were real people, with real problems and ideals.  Maybe even why they chose the decisions that affected their lives and subsequently our lives. 

            Finally, through our efforts, we strive "to perpetuate the memory of the men who, by their services or sacrifices during the war of the American Revolution, achieved the independence of the American people."

More About Us:

            Our National Society History - Since 1889, Compatriots in our Society have included 16 Presidents of the United States, 27 Medal of Honor recipients, and numerous diplomats and leaders among its 208,000 members.  All members, past and present, enjoy the fellowship with their fellow descendants, and, through our organization, help to support historic preservation and encourage patriotism and good citizenship.

            Our State Society History - The Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution predates our national organization, and was established on April 20, 1889 in the Old Senate Chamber of the Maryland State House in Annapolis.  Today, nearly 800 members serve all communities in Maryland through fifteen local chapters.

Mark D. Deeds - MDSSAR President 2021-2022

Mark D. Deeds
MDSSAR President 2021-2022

             I am the product of a small Midwestern town upbringing.  My father was a minister and we moved every couple of years in very small farming towns (population 200 to 450) throughout Iowa and Missouri.  Everyone knew everyone else, there were no dial phones, party lines and the Minister's kids (PKS as we were known) were always a central topic for gossip.  I am strongly influenced by that upbringing; the central plains family farmers lived a very independent, "get out of my way", "I will fix it" and "my word is my bond" mentality.  I believe I still carry a lot of that ideology and work ethic with me.

My government career began with the number "54".  On the first day of having my own personal government number, our local draft board announced they were calling all numbers up to and including "42".  I knew my time was short, so I decided to join our Armed Forces.  The early seventies was a difficult time for the military.  The Viet Nam conflict was nearing its end, the military's moral was almost as low as the budget they received.  Significant portions of the public believed the military was at fault for the results of the war and the soldiers personally felt that rebuff.  From that beginning to the end of my military career, I was always proud to wear my country’s uniform.  My career took me to many places throughout the world.  I always left those places knowing how fortunate I was to be born in the United States of America and I developed a very strong pride for my country.  

As my military career came to an end, I knew that one retirement was not enough to enjoy the good life.  So I exchanged my uniform for a suit and became a Federal civil servant.  In my new career, I supported the military I came to love.  For the next twenty years I moved around our government doing my best to make a difference for our War Fighters; to provide them with the information and knowledge they needed to be successful in whatever they were tasked to do. 

After 40 years of serving my country, Sandy (with her own 40 years of service to our country) and I were able to retire and begin to focus on things we enjoy.  I indulge my personal weakness, which is old cars.  We have several toys and they keep me very busy.  Each one demands time, attention and resources to keep them running.  I often quip that I have OCCD (Old Car Collector Disorder) and what I know is there is no cure for this disorder and you always want another one.

I was always curious about my family history but I did nothing about finding out until I helped Sandy with her DAR package.  After some research, I found the children of two Patriots married and created my family line.  I also came to know the "Deeds" family has a very rich and distinguished military heritage beginning in the Revolutionary War and includes the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and continues even now in Iraq and Afghanistan. 

I came to the Sons of the American Revolution as a member of a patriotic family with a proud history and tradition of serving our country. I am 6 Generations removed from my Patriots Andrew Deeds and Frantz Christian Hootman.

Christopher M. May, Esq. - MDSSAR 1st Vice President 2021-2022

Christopher M. May, Esq.
MDSSAR 1st Vice-President 2021-2022

  Born and raised in Frederick, Maryland. Graduate of Governor Thomas Johnson High School, in Frederick, Maryland, Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (B.A. History), and the University of Baltimore School of Law (Juris Doctorate), in Baltimore, Maryland.

    Chris is an attorney with the Law Office of Offutt, Horman, Burdette & May, PA and has been in practice for over twenty-six years.  He is a member of the Bar Association of Frederick County and the Maryland State Bar Association.  He is also a long time member and officer in the Sons of the American Legion (Francis Scott Key Post #11) and a Life Member of the Sons of Amvets (Post #2).  Prior to becoming Third Vice President of the MDSSAR, Chris was the Chancellor for the MDSSAR and the Sergeant Lawrence Everhart Chapter.  He is seven generations removed from his Revolutionary War ancestor, Theophilus Howell.

   Chris currently resides in Frederick with his wife Becky and they are parents of three sons, Philip, Henry and Stanford.

Christopher T. Smithson - MDSSAR 2nd Vice President 2021-2022

Christopher T. Smithson
MDSSAR 2nd Vice-President 2021-2022

Christopher T. Smithson, a native of Maryland, son of past State President William P. Smithson and Carol A. Davis. Chris served as the Registrar, Maryland Society of the Sons of the American Revolution from 2018 to 2021. He joining the Maryland Society Sons of the American Revolution since 1998 for 23 years joining at age 18 after transferring from the Col. Thomas Hartley Society, National Society Children of the American Revolution. Chris went on to serve as the President of the Col. Aquila Hall Chapter at the age of 20 being the youngest at the time to serve in this role. He went on to serve as President of the chapter another four times. He has sponsored over 300 members over the years. Three times awarded Florence Kendall SAR Membership National Award for the largest number of new members in one year. He is an active member of the Maryland Society Color Guard since 2000.

Besides his duties with SAR he currently serves as Genealogist General of the Hereditary Order of the Signers of the Bush Declaration; Registrar of the Society of the War of 1812 in the State of Maryland; Sr. Society Registrar, Bush Declaration Society, National Society Children of the American Revolution which he organized and founded in 2002; Sr. State Registrar of the Maryland Society Children of the War of 1812.

In 2004 he co-founded the Hereditary Order of the Signers of the Bush Declaration and served as the first President General of the order. Chris also holds memberships in Order of the Crown of Charlemagne, Order of the Merovingian Dynasty, Order of the First Families of Maryland, the Hereditary Order of the Families of Presidents & First Ladies of America and the National Gavel Society,

He has been doing genealogy research for over 30 years specializes in Harford County, Baltimore County and Baltimore City, and Cecil County, Maryland from the Colonial to 21st Century, documentation retrieval, brickwall ancestors, patriotic and hereditary lineage research, and missing heirs research as well as African-American research. Conducts research at the Maryland State Archives, and the Maryland Historical Society. Chris gives genealogical lectures for the Historical Society of Harford County and is an author of seven books. In 2020, he started a quarterly genealogical journal “Upper Chesapeake Branches” focusing on Harford, Cecil and Kent County, Maryland. 

Featured in the journal of “American Psychologist” for solving the mystery of “Little Albert”. In 2019 presented with the Historic Preservation Recognition Award for Excellent volunteer work in Historic Preservation by the Harbor of Grace Chapter, NSDAR.

Paul Turlington, MDSSAR 3rd Vice President

Paul I. Turlington
MDSSAR 3rd Vice-President 2021-2022

I had a happy life growing up in my hometown of Gainesville, Florida.  I enjoyed many family vacations, camping, participating in sports at the Boy Club and attending sporting events at the University of Florida.

I enlisted in the US Army Reserve after my high school graduation. I returned home to attend college and was commissioned from the University of Florida Army ROTC in 1983. I transferred to the University of Central Florida in my senior year and enjoyed the opportunity to work at the Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom.

Then, I entered the U.S Army and attended my officer basic training as an artillery officer. I was assigned to Fort Campbell, KY for 3 years and was branch transferred to the transportation corps.  I was assigned to Fort Polk, LA as the Movement Control Officer for the 5th Infantry Division from Operation “Just Cause” to Operation “Dessert Storm.”

I returned home to Gainesville, Florida where I met my wife who was attending graduate school at the UF College of Medicine.  Upon her graduation, we moved to Baltimore for her post-doctoral fellowship and latter relocated to Scotland for 3 years.

In 1998, we returned to Maryland. I attended the University of Maryland and completed a degree in Government and Politics. I begin my employment with UPS in 2000 as a part-time supervisor and worked part-time for the State of Maryland.

I continue to work at UPS at the facility in Baltimore as a feeder safety and dispatch supervisor.  I am also a member of the government outreach team.

I have been a member of the NSSAR since December 2000. I transferred to the Maryland Society from the District of Columbia Society.  I was installed as President of the Charles Carroll of Carrollton Chapter in September 2020. My revolutionary war ancestors served mostly in the Wilmington District of North Carolina in the militia and continental army.