MDSSAR at the 2014 National Congress

The attached formal photograph was taken on July 22nd after the President General's banquet at the 124th S.A.R. Congress in Greenville, South Carolina. It shows Maryland Society President Douglas Favorite standing on the left of the photo next to immediate past PG Steve Leishman (a dual member of MDSSAR) and most of the other compatriots in attendance along with their ladies.

Atlantic Middle States Conference

The MDSSAR is very proud to host this year's Atlantic Middle States Conference. The conference will be held between August 8-10 at the Hunt Valley Inn in Hunt Valley, MD.

Please consult the following documents to learn more information about the lodging information, schedule of events, and costs.

Adding a Historic Note: "Fifer Dave" is dressing up -- and tuning up -- for the region's Memorial Day observances

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  • Doug Kapustin/photo for the Baltimore Sun 
  • Doug Kapustin/photo for the Baltimore Sun


Precious memento of early Maryland History returned to MDSSAR

The Maryland Society Sons of the American Revolution (MDSSAR) is very pleased to report the finding and return of a very old relic of our early society. Our State Society is now 125 Years old founded in 1889 and a large framed autographed photograph of the Officers of the 1901-1902 State Board was returned to Maryland after being found in a trash heap in NC ready to be disposed of for eternity.  Larry Baily of Cary NC was dropping off refuse when he noticed a large frame picture standing to the side with a group of men in business suits.


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