Col. John Eager Howard Annual Birthday Celebration

The weather was beautiful for today’s memorial to Col. Howard and was well attended. This being a great testament to the man who had done much for the City of Baltimore and the nation at large.President Jean S. Fugett Jr. opened the ceremony with a fine presentation of flags by our MDSSAR Color Guard Troops - David Embrey, Bruce French, David Hoover, Robert Lyons, and Bill Robertson. Many thanks to them. Their uniforms are always impressive.  Many VIPs attended the event including State President James F. Engler Sr. who presented a MDSSAR Wreath during the memorial in honor of Howard. Past President Christos Christou Jr. served as master of ceremonies and Past Presidents Ivan V. Dooley Jr. and Edward A. Foreman Jr. were thanked for their many contributions in getting the monument from an idea to reality.  Maryland C.A.R. Officer Leah Paire (representing President Ruhm who is currently in Europe) presented on behalf of the CAR mentioning the upcoming state project around the George Washington Monument in Baltimore City that coincidentally is on the land donated by Col. Howard. Many thanks to the officers and members who attended many from C.A.R., DAR, and SAR as well as the Grey Rock community including Sr. Maryland C.A.R. President Holly Atherton and Mrs. Lucille Rogers and her family. (Mrs. Rogers was the contact from the Grey Rock Community Association who helped get the monument placed in its prominent current courtyard location.) The event was closed with several musket firings by the outstanding Maryland Color Guard that delighted the attendees. Many thanks to the owners of Grey Rock for the loan of their chairs for the event.


Here is a program from the event.

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Thursday, June 11, 2015

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